Breaking Ungodly Soul Ties


An ungodly soul tie is formed anytime we enter into a relationship that is ungodly. For instance: sex before marriage or a bad relationship with a mother or father, when we speak curses and judgments over them and our children. An ungodly soul tie could be formed with a church that you have gone to, could be over material possession, could be in the work place, could be in the military, could be with people that we had friendship with who are involved in Wicca or witchcraft, or could be a medical diagnosis.

All these are ungodly soul ties, in which we have spoken judgments and curses over ourselves or others. This allows the gates to be open for demonic spirits to torment us, harass us, or possess us. This leads to destruction to one’s self. This behavior and activity brings destruction to family and friends. Many times we have to break ungodly soul ties. This will bring inner healing to yourself and others.

Here is a prayer to set people free from the destruction of ungodly soul ties. 

  1. Jesus, I forgive (person’s name) for all that has happened, all that has gone on. Because you say that I must forgive to be forgiven, I make a decision to forgive (him/her). I forgive myself for the parts I may have played here, and I ask You Lord, to forgive me. I take any tormenting feelings and unforgiveness that I carry toward______, and I put these into Your hands. Any hurts, judgments, bitterness, resentment, anger, offense, feelings of abandonment, betrayal, neglect, rejection, deception, manipulation, control. So here they are Lord; I give them to You.

  2. In Jesus’ name, I also break the power of any curses and judgments_____ may have been spoken over me. I cancel any curses or judgments I might have spoken over_____ or myself. I cancel any ungodly vows that I may have made and command any judgments all to vacate.

  3. And I also terminate, in Jesus’ name, any ungodly soul ties (I keep the godly ties) that exist between____ and me. I do this spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, (sexually if it applies). I command any evil spirits that have come through these soul ties to depart and any control spirit coming through_____, and any associated demon spirits to now go from me. Demons of the curses and judgments, in the name of Jesus, GO!!!!!

  4. And Jesus, I think (I) / _____needs some hugs. As your child Lord, would you put your arms around (me) _____and hold (me, him/her), comforting, assuring, loving and bringing your truth to (me) _____so any lies that (I) _____may have bought into and carried all these years can now be clarified. Your truth, Lord we ask… what you want (me) _____to know.