List of Prayers offered below:
The Blessing Declaration


Heavenly Father,

I come to you in the name of your son Jesus Christ.  I thank you that I am a child of God and I have been purchased by the precious Lamb of God.  I come asking you to forgive me for all of my sins. Read More 


Also Mormonism, Jehovah Witness, Seventh Day Adventists, or any NEW AGE Religion (prayer below after Release of Freemasons)

Father, I come before you, I seek you, to confess, repent and receive forgiveness. I speak these things for family, my seed and myself in Jesus name…..
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A precatory prayer is a very powerful weapon that we can use against the Dark Kingdom, if we are not careful with this prayer, we can find ourselves cursing people, we are here to bless not to curse, if we see people doing evil and harming other people, we can say a simple prayer that may help them, it seems odd praying this fashion but it may bring them to Jesus Christ, example of a simple preparatory prayer is: 

Father God this evil I’ve just seen let it return on this person for what they had done, I hope and pray they will see their evil and repent of it so they will come to know Jesus amen.

Please don’t pray prayers that will curse people, calling on heart attacks broken legs flatten car tires or destruction to their families when we pray that way we are cursing in the name of Satan not Jesus.

Being a Christian is not easy, if we believe that we are redeemed, sanctified, anointed in the Holy Ghost, and set free from the sins of this world, we have an adversary who is always working against us, Satan and his Dark Kingdom is at war with us, Ephesians chapter six teaches us to put on the full armor of Jesus Christ. Here is a simple warfare prayer, say it daily, you can modify it for your own needs or use what is here:

Dear Heavenly Father God, please guide my path this day that your will be done, please protect me from sorcerers, revenuers, Luciferians, let the words of my mouth, be soft and gentle, not to curse people, or to speak evil of them, but uplifting and encourage them so that the joy of Jesus will become a reality to them, help me stand strong against the principalities of darkness and evil, in high places putting on the full armor of Jesus Christ so I can stand against the evil of this world, guide my steps this day according to thy will, and I choose to forgive all who offend me this day, in the name of Jesus, in Jesus name I do pray this prayer amen.

In witchcraft and occultism, there is many variations of it there white witches, black witches, and red witches, we have warlocks, many times who voluntarily choose to serve Lucifer, there are gifts passed down to us by our ancestors, these gifts of witchcraft are passed down through bloodlines or by a personal choice such things as clairvoyance levitation also having a third eye also involvement with satanic ritual abuse of children or animals if you recognize the evil that has come into your life or has been pass on to you and all that has taking place. 

Here is a simple prayer to help you escape from the torments that you are going through once you have said the prayer I recommend to go through breaking demonic oppression to break the curses of demonic oppression off your body.

(1) I renounce and forsake all involvement in witchcraft covens, occult, and all lodges, by my ancestors and myself, the principal spirit behind witchcraft, and all lodges, and BAPHOMET the spirit of the Antichrist, and curse of the Luciferian doctrines.
(2) I renounce insecurity love of money, greed and pride, all fair which holds people in witchcraft covens and occultism, and all lodges, especially fear of death, fear of men, and fears of trusting.
(3) I renounce every position or title held by ancestors or myself, and I ask forgiveness for calling any devil or demon Mason or any man master, for Jesus is my only master and Lord.
(4) I renounce the entrapping of others into the witchcraft covens, occult, and lodges, and helplessness observed in its rituals. I renounce the distrust and effects passed onto me by my ancestors that felt rejected by family member’s husbands or wives by their witchcraft sorceries and or large meetings.
(5) I renounce all oaths and curses of witchcraft, sorcery, and lodges in all degrees and all their curses and effects on the heart, the lungs, kidneys, throat, the hoodwink, blindfolded, and effects on the emotions, and eyes, including confusion, fear of the dark or light, and sudden noises. I renounce the secret passwords and all what they mean. I renounce mixing truth and error, the blasphemy of Witchcraft, and covens or lodges. I renounce all blood oaths, packs, or written contracts with Satan or demons or lodges, and I desire You Jesus to be my lord and master of my life to know that you died for me and all my sins, shedding your blood as the Passover lamb on the cross to give me life. Dear Lord Jesus, please come into my life and show me who you are so I can walk in the glory of your love and not in darkness or evil. Amen