The Blessing Declaration

The Blessing Declaration

Heavenly Father,

I come to you in the name of your son Jesus Christ.  I thank you that I am a child of God and I have been purchased by the precious Lamb of God.  I come asking you to forgive me for all of my sins.  I repent of all my selfish desires and every way that is contrary to your ways.  I renounce being selfish, rebellious, prideful, and complacent.  I repent of and renounce all of my sins, and by faith in the blood of Jesus Christ, I declare myself to be cleansed and in right standing with you.  Thank you Father for forgiving me, saving me, delivering me, healing me, and restoring me. 

In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I cancel every assignment of the enemy directed towards my life and my family.  By faith, I declare that I am blessed in every area of my life.  I declare that in the name of Jesus, I am free from fear, worry, and anxiety.  I declare that I am healthy and that I have a sound mind.  Father, I thank you for providing everything that I stand in need of.  I declare that all of my needs are met by Christ Jesus.  I declare that I am free from fear of cancer, heart attack or stroke.  I declare that my blood pressure is good, my cholesterol level is good.  In the name of Jesus I declare that my kidneys function properly, my liver operates as it should, and all of my veins and arteries are open and properly carry the life-giving blood to and from my heart.  I shall live and not die and declare the wondrous works of God.  I declare by faith in the Son of God that I am free from sickness, disease, pain, and every opposition that tries to come upon me.  I am clothed in the righteousness of God and have the Lord’s favor in my life.  I declare by faith in the Son of God that I am free from debt, poverty, lack, and want.  I declare that depression cannot come upon me and I will not heed to oppression.  My sleep is blessed of the Lord and I will rest in Him. 

Father, I thank you for loving me and I look to you for direction in my life.  I ask for direction and wisdom in every decision I make.  In the name of Jesus, I reject the enemy’s plans to stop the flow of God in my life.  I release all bitterness that is in my heart and I forgive everyone that has wronged me or offended me.  Right now, in the name of Jesus, I release all of this to you Father and I ask you to grant me a pure heart.  Reveal to me any and every way in which I need to repent or change.  I resist the spirit of strife off of my family and I declare that I will walk in love.  By faith in Jesus Christ, I declare my life, my family, my church, and my atmosphere to be blessed.

Father, I thank you for loving me just as I am and I confess that I truly love you.  I receive everything that you desire for me.  Continue to teach me how to live for you and fill me with the Holy Spirit that I may bear much fruit and glorify your Holy name!

In the name of Jesus, Amen!!!